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I try to list towns beginning with a major, well known town (e.g., Atlanta) then smaller towns that are closer to the actual swimming hole (e.g., Atlanta, Dahlonega, Porter Springs).


I list places where people customarily swim, whether offically sanctioned or not. If swimming is illegal and I am aware of it, I note this prominently.

  • OFFICIAL: Indicates it is declared to be a swimming place by whoever owns and operates it. (e.g., signed, maintained, facilities, perhaps lifeguarded)
  • UNOFFICAL: Means it is not OFFICIAL.  The safety and legality of visiting "Unofficial" places cannot be assured. My intent is to relay this information as accurately as possible; but I do not "direct" the public to use these Unoffical swimming holes. Each visitor is personally responsible for safety and legality (including observance of private property) each time a place is visited. 


    Indicates whether one would expect to be clothed, nude or free to choose:

  • REQUIRED: Usually applies to an "official" swimming area where the public authority that oversees the area requires bathing suits.
  • CUSTOMARY: Usually applies to unofficial swimming places where there is a family crowd and/or a site which is very exposed. Sometimes it is based on observations by myself or others that everyone there seems to always be clothed.
  • OPTIONAL: Usually applies to more secluded spots or observations by myself or others that persons there are sometimes nude. May also apply to official places that are sanctioned for nude bathing.


    Indicates how sure I am that there is a swimming hole in the place I say it is:

  • VERY CONFIDENT: Either I have been there, one of my most trusted users have been there, or I have had several detailed reports that corroborate the swimming hole and its location.
  • PRETTY CONFIDENT: I've had a very specific, detailed report as to the location or found it in a publication that seems authoritative. Maybe found a reported swimming place on a map (like a waterfall) but am not totally sure you can swim there.
  • UNCERTAIN: Got the information that there is a swimmming hole in this place but only from single, maybe not very specific source or one that had confusing directions. Can't guarantee you will find it.
  • VERY UNCERTAIN: Picked up some vague information that there is a swimming hole near this place but am not sure and don't have good directions. It is quite possible you will not find it, but... Here's hoping that someday you or I will follow this vague lead and pin it down one way or the other.


  • YES: I or someone I know well has been there to verify that the swimming place is where I say it is. Often the date of the visit is noted.
  • NO: Have not been there yet.


    I've added coordinates to all of the swimming holes.  I use the NAD83/WGS84 datum for all lat/lon information.


    "ACCURACY" (of latitude and longitude) indicates how close I think the coordinates are to the actual swimming place:

  • EXACT: Means I think that if you get in the swimming hole with your GPS you will read these coordinates. Either I've been there and got the coordinates or I've have been able to look up the exact swimming hole location by name.

  • APPROXIMATE: Means that I think the swimming hole is within 0.25 miles of these coordinates. Usually applies to a swimming place that I believe is very near a landmark that you can look up.

  • GENERAL AREA: Means that I think the swimming hole is within 1 to 2 miles of these coordinates. Usually applies to a swimming place that I believe is along a short piece of road or a creek but I don't know exactly where. Could also apply to an area (like a State Park or network of trails and creeks) that I know has one or more swimming holes but I can't pin them down on a map enough to give a more accurate estimate.

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