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This site is sometimes accused of causing more folks to go to swimming holes and hot springs who then trash the places, get drunk and rowdy and otherwise disrespect the peaceful, natural environment. I often reply that my readers, who make the effort to seek out my website and visit these places, care very much about them and value the privilege of visiting them too much to participate in such behavior.

Please take a trash bag with you when you go and take out MORE trash than you bring in!

Please be respectful of private property , nearby residents, "no swimming" laws and "no parking" areas.

Do not use glass containers, drink excessively or throw empties around - please!

Swim safely - it is not just you who suffers in an accident - accidents (and related liability issues) are a major reason these places become closed to everyone.

If it is a customarily nude place or a nude crowd - go with the flow. The main complaints I get about nudity are related to blatant exhibitionism and openly sexual behavior. Note also that in some places, nudity is illegal. Be respectful of the local custom and the people who are present.

We are all gradually loosing the privilege of access to these wonderful places, partly because of poor behavior. Such a loss. What more can we say?

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