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If you have mapping software on your computer - like DeLorme Street Atlas, Microsoft Streets & Trips or other - download the .txt file for this state and input it to your program to map all the swimming holes for this state. If you use software other than the two above, some reformatting may be needed - see our format and your software's documentation. NOTE: The layout of the .txt file is explained at the beginning or the ending of the file itself - be sure to print and remove this explanation text before trying to use the file!


If you have GOOGLE EARTH software on your computer, download the .kml file . (You can get Google Earth for free from GOOGLE EARTH .) The download should ask you if you want to open the .kml file your GOOGLE EARTH program - say "yes".

To see the SWIMMINGHOLES.INFO web page for this state in the lower part of the GOOGLE EARTH screen, click on the YELLOW STICK PIN on the map, where it says "CLICK PIN FOR DETAILS". Then you can click on the SWIMMINGHOLES.INFO state map or browse alphabetically (using the 4 letter codes) to find directions, details and photos for the the swimming holes mapped. (If two 4 letter codes appear, e.g., PLUM(BOBR), PLUM is the "area" code to look for alphabetically and BOBR is the swimming hole code within this area.)   *IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LOWER WIDOW IN GOOGLE EARTH go to TOOLS>OPTIONS>GENERAL>and UNcheck "show web results in external browser".

NOTE ON GOOGLE EARTH: Many town names do not appear until you are way down low - too low to be of any help navigating. We have tried to get Google Earth to change this but to no avail (yet). Meantime, we suggest you turn ON the BOUNDARIES layer, then COUNTY NAMES will come in at a higher level and some of these are the same as the major town names. We suggest that in Google Earth you turn on all of the following layers: terrain,roads,borders,populated places,parks and recreation areas.

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